Water is vital to support biodiversity. Water4Wildlife has been able to provide water for wildlife, both human and livestock use. To survive, animals need water not only for drinking but also for habitats e.g, amphibians, insects and water-based organisms. Also, for breeding grounds and to cool off especially during the dry season. Due to climate change, the weather patterns have changed and it has resulted in longer dry periods most often leading to drought. This means that animals have to leave their natural habitats in search of water and pasture and this has resulted in human-wildlife conflict as they both depend on the limited resources.  


To mitigate the above, Water4Wildlife  has dug 6 water holes to harvest water surface runoff for wild animals to drink during dry seasons. Our goal is to excavate many more waterholes and boreholes in the Maasai Mara ecosystem. We have had huge success and these waterholes have resulted in fewer cases of human-wildlife conflict in the areas they have been set up. 
W4W not only works to provide water for wildlife but for the communities and their livestock living within and near the conservancies. Also, provision of clean safe water to the marginalized community increases access to drinking water, reduction of water borne diseases, improved sanitation and hygiene.



Become part of the long term solution. 

Solving the world’s water needs takes partnership. Join us in conserving our beautiful wildlife and the communities that live around them.