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Sports in the Maasai Mara conservancies is an excellent example of community-based wildlife conservation. Water4Wildlife has been working closely with schools and local game rangers to share information on wildlife conservation. It’s a fun way for children to understand our heritage and wildlife conservation from a friendly perspective. To encourage more children get involved in sports, W4W has partnered with the UEFA Foundation for Children to support the setting up of a mini fun football pitch measuring 1080square metres and provide right sports gear to play comfortably. This will provide an opportunity for children to practice and build their talents in sports. Through face-to-face interactions with girls ages 12 to 16 years old, we realized lack of access to basic menstrual pads is a challenge facing these girls, which has been overlooked and has made them portray out lack of enthusiasm for sports. We believe girls’ and boys’ sports should be equally promoted. This is expected to also increase girl’s participation in sports. 


Benefits of Sports in children: -
•    Sports allows children to use their creativity while developing their physical skills. 
•    It helps children develop better ways to cope with highs and lows of life in terms of winning and losing.
•    It helps build positive self-esteem in children
•    Sports helps in reducing stress and increasing feeling of physical and mental well being
•    Improves communication skills
•    Learn to be a team member


Kick the Ball, Save our Wildlife!

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