W4W success stories: Making access to safe water possible in the park

Key Success:

  • 1 rehabilitated borehole drilled and fitted with a solar system to power the borehole pump complete with accessories.

  • Sixteen (16) water management committees trained in management, operation and maintenance of water points.

Image: Solar panel fitted within Lemek Conservancy with support from Davis & Shirtliff. Infrastructure: We are grateful to Davis & Shirtliff provision of access to safe drinking water. Hundreds of households in North Mara no longer have to walk long distances to get water from unsafe sources such as unprotected streams, which are open to contamination.

Image: Participants at the launch of the Solar-powered water pump in Lemek Conservancy.

The supply of clean water has also minimized the risk of serious water-borne diseases like typhoid and cholera. In this particular community, women and young girls bear the burden of fetching water. Right now, they have more time for productive activities such as domestic work and studying. Also, fetching water using their own back and moving very long-distance had different health problems. They can now feel more comfortable when fetching water as close proximity to water points has reduced the long distance.

Image: An improvised bicycle used to transport water by the locals in Aitong Town in Lemek Conservancy.

The supply of safe water involved the supply and installation of a borehole pump complete with accessories, a solar system to power the borehole pump.

Experiencing a touch of water!

Article first published on 15th October 2021.

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