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Our goal is to continue building more water sources and create awareness of resources necessary for the continued sustenance and increase the availability of water for all wildlife in remote and arid regions of Kenya.


Our Vision is to save our wildlife and their habitats

Our Mission is to To protect the biodiversity of the conservation areas.

Water4Wildlife is a Community Based Organization (CBO) based in Lemek Conservancy within the Maasai Mara ecosystem, Narok County.  Lemek Conservancy is one of the best wildlife viewing areas of the Masai Mara ecosystem. It is located just north of the Maasai Mara game reserve. It is about 19,000 acres of the conservation area that aims to sustain the Mara ecosystem. The conservancy is based on a partnership between landowners, existing camps, lodges and Great Plains.

Water4Wildlife (w4w) has dug waterholes to harvest water surface runoff for wild animals to drink during dry seasons. We have successfully rehabilitated a borehole through the support from Davis & Shirtliff that will serve over 300 households in North Mara. We are in partnership with UEFA Foundation for Children to support a local school in construction of a football pitch.

Water4Wildlife is planning to construct dams, dam excavations and dig wells to supplement the waterholes and boreholes, both for the community and wildlife. With other partners, game rangers and teachers in the primary schools within the conservancy, we target the school children through sports to educate them on the importance of wildlife conservation. We also target the youth through sports activities such as football, volleyball, javelin to keep them busy and not engage in vices such as drugs, alcohol, poaching, violence etc. We are also engaging the community in management and conservation efforts i.e tree planting and adoption of biogas technology.



Since the founding of Water4Wildlife in 2016, the founder has funded all our water holes constructed in Lemek Conservancy which borders the Maasai Mara Game Reserve. She has partnered with the local communities, game rangers and a few volunteers to construct these water sources. It is time to form greater partnerships with organizations around the world and get the funding that is critical in saving our Wildlife.  Davis & Shirtliff partnered with us in the rehabilitation of a borehole in North Mara. UEFA Foundation for Children is our latest partner in the construction of a football pitch at  Ilkimatare Primary School in Lemek.